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Welcome to Piston Pete's, Home to a legend.


Pete being a racing purist (some would say an eccentric) realized the left hand held a trophy validating success, but the right hand held a beverage with no significance to the goal achieved.
So Pete decided to make brews and spirits with the same winning drive he has for motorsports. No other brand has ever incorporated the engineering marvels of pure horsepower and blended it with the authentic heritage and enthusiasm that inspires us all.

From aluminum engine blocks to dyno inspired stills, our products give homage to horsepower. So when the flag drops and the celebration begins, grab a Piston Pete’s brew or spirit and be proud to hoist it in the air knowing it was built with the same passion and determination found in every one of our rides.

Raise a hand in victory, raise the other in celebration with a drink to toast.


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Welcome to the Piston Pete’s fine line of craft beers. Brewed by a legend and enjoyed by all.